Enriched Media Group is a new independent production and investment company set up by a senior media management team with proven experience and extensive success in the global feature film sales, distribution and finance sector. Our focus is on developing and producing distinctive and innovative commercial feature film projects, broadcast commissions, multi-screen live event distribution platforms, new media properties, OTT and digital first content.



Enriched Media is an independent production and investment company that connects quality content with the best partners and financing.

For over 35 years, we’ve built relationships with some of the most recognised producers and creative talent around the world to deliver innovative funding and award-winning, critically-acclaimed film, TV and broadcast products. We offer extensive experience and a highly significant depth of trading relationships across UK and US film production, finance, sales and distribution sectors.


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With growth shifting from conventional platforms to disruptive digital models, Enriched Media is well positioned through extensive trade associations and our unique combined experience to take advantage of these new models and audiences. 

From financial and production consultancy at every stage from pre-production to digital delivery, Enhance Media provides an independent, integrated solution for feature and TV production and distribution.

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The Enriched team have a passion for distinctive and innovative film and TV storytelling.

With extensive trade relationships and a wealth of combined practical media and high financing experience they are ideally positioned to take advantage of new disruptive production and distribution models now impacting our industry. They fully understand the value of content and content providers in an increasingly fast-changing media environment.

David Barron

Producer, BeaglePug
Harry Potter (2005-2011), Cinderella (2015)

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