September 15, 2019

How to make and sell a truly independent film - part 2

I think we can safely say that low-budget independent producers are stark raving mad. Why would any rational person develop an idea with little or no guarantee of the eventual commercial value, then beg, borrow and steal to find the cash to actually make the movie? As if that wasn’t tough enough, they go through the soul-destroying effort of trying to get the film to the big screen. All this while inevitably battling those talent egos, tight-ass cash flows, crew, location and filming problems—as well as the small issue of getting the investors’ money back.

They say the hardest thing about writing a novel is the first word. In the movies, it’s the roller coaster of emotion. Once the process starts, the producer invariably gets carried away on a wave of excitement, euphoria and expectation. The creative side is always the fun bit. The boring stuff happens a lot later, when you have to come and meet jaded distributors like us to try to help get your film made. But we never tire of the wonderful passion that exudes from an independent film producer.

Behind the scenes.